Multinational Division North East

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Chief of Staff

Colonel Darius Vaicikauskas 


Multinational Division North East Chief of Staff

Lithuanian Army Colonel Darius Vaicikauskas is a graduate of the Military Academy of Lithuania, he earned a Bachelor’s degree of Public Administration and a Master of Strategic Studies degree from the United States Army War College.

Colonel Darius Vaicikauskas began his military career in the National Defense Volunteer Forces. After graduating from the Military Academy of Lithuania he held several posts from a staff officer in the peace keeping section in the Lithuanian General Staff, staff officer in J5 and J3 Defense Staff. Subsequently, he held several leadership positions, Chief of Staff in Grand Duke Kęstutis Motorized Infantry Battalion, Chief of Operations, G3, in “Iron Wolf” Brigade, Commander of Grand Duke Vaidotas Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Chief of Staff in National Defense Volunteer Forces and Deputy Commandant for military training and education in General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania.

He has also deployed several times. In 1994 as a Rifleman on Peacekeeping Mission in Croatia (UNPROFOR), in 1996 as a Platoon Commander on Peace Implementation Mission in Bosnia & Herzegovina (IFOR), in 1998 as a military observer on OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission, in 2002 as a liaison officer and after that as a staff officer in G5 in NATO’s Multinational Corps Northeast, Poland. In 2007, he served as a Chief of Staff of Province Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan.

By the end of 2019 Colonel Darius Vaicikauskas was appointed to the position of the Chief of Staff of NATO’s Multinational Division North East.





Multinational Division North East
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