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28 March 2022
"Bull Run - 18" is behind us
On Friday, March 25, the "Bull Run - 18" exercise concluded. Polish Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, observed the end of the training. The participants of the exercise also included soldiers from the Headquarters Multinational Division North East (HQ MND-NE) and the command support regiment of the HQ MND-NE.

Siemianówka, Poland - The Headquarter of the Multinational Division North East has been working closely with the Lithuanian "Iron Wolf" brigade, the Polish 15th Mechanized Brigade and the Czech 7th Mechanized Brigade since its inception. On January 29, 2020, two brigades, one Lithuanian and one Polish, joined the division after signing the affiliate act in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Headquarters also coordinates the activities of battalion-sized battle groups in Lithuania and Poland as part of NATO's enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) on the eastern flank of the Alliance. Soldiers from Elbląg, through joint training, tighten cooperation and interoperability with brigades and battle groups. These activities strengthen integration between the eFP battalions and the defense forces of the host nations with the support and cooperation of the US military. The last project of this type was the participation of soldiers from the Headquarters and the HQ MND-NE command support regiment in the exercise "Bull Run - 18".

"Bull Run" is a cyclical exercise in which the soldiers of the NATO’s eFP battalion-sized battle group from Bemowo Piskie, Poland, and the separated forces of the 16th Pomeranian Mechanized Division take part. Its main goal was to check the readiness of troops to efficiently relocate subunits over a long distance and conduct defense activities. This year, almost 2,000 people participated in the exercise. soldiers and over half a thousand units of equipment from the 15th Mechanized Brigade and the eFP battle group supported by the forces of the 9th Armored Cavalry Brigade, 20th Mechanized Brigade, 25th Air Cavalry Brigade, 15th Anti-Aircraft Regiment, 11th Artillery Regiment and 16th Logistics Regiment. In addition, Mi-24 D and W-3 helicopters supported the activities of the subunits from the air. During the exercise, the soldiers of the multinational division cooperated with the 15th Mechanized Brigade, improving, inter alia, communication procedures. Czech BGEN Pavel Lipka, deputy commander of the multinational division, also observed the training of his soldiers.

Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak watched the last episode of the 18th edition of the exercise, the operation of soldiers in the area of the Siemianówka dam. Polish CHOD said - “The exercises under the eFP initiative improve the cooperation skills between the Polish Army and allied forces. The task that the commanders set for the soldiers during the exercise is primarily to improve the skills of cooperation, i.e. what is called interoperability in NATO terminology. The point is that, in an emergency, the enhanced allied forces could work together very smoothly to ensure security and to deter the aggressor. To prove that the soldiers of the allied forces are well coordinated and have high skills that they can cooperate with each other."

Attached photo gallery: "Bull Run - 18" is behind us

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