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30 April 2021
The soldiers of Headquarters, Multinational Division North East (MND – NE) completed the Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL) course which is designed to train and educate personnel in as evaluators, evaluation team chiefs and NATO monitors.

Elbląg, Poland - This marks the first time since 2018 that MND – NE took part in the Combat Readiness Evaluation. Due to COVID restrictions, the course was administered remotely to limit the number of personnel traveling to the headquarters for the exercise.

The course was led by instructors from SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), Mons, Belgium and LANDCOM (Allied Land Command), Izmir, Turkey. In addition to soldiers from MND-NE, representatives of the Headquarters, Multinational Division South East and its Command Support Brigade and the Command Support Brigade of the Multinational Corps Northeast took part in the course.

Successful completion of the course enables participation in future certifications carried out according to NATO criteria.


Headquarters’, Multinational Division North East certification formally began in June 2018. It consisted of several phases from June to October 2018. In June, the Headquarters focused on conducting planning for Exercise "Anaconda – 18.” Four months later, in October, the first phase took place in which the Headquarters reviewed the procedures and checked the equipment to ensure it would operate during the exercise.  The second phase of the certification took place during "Anaconda" in which the command was assessed on how it operated during high-intensity combat operations.

LANDCOM organized the evaluation team for Anaconda and checked five different areas and 1400 indicators.  The team included representatives from LANDCOM, Multinational Corps Northeast, Multinational Division South – East, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps from Turkey and Spain, and the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces.

Multinational Division North East was certified “Fully Operational Capability” on December 6. 







Multinational Division North East
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