Multinational Division North East

czcionka większa czcionka normalna czcionka mniejsza
26 March 2021
Plenary meeting in the Headquarters Multinational Division North East
On March 25, in Elbląg, troop contributing nations voted on important decisions regarding the future of the MND-NE.

Elbląg, Poland – Decisions regarding proposed personnel changes and future participation in military exercises were discussed during the Headquarters Multinational Division North East plenary, here on March 25.

This year, the chairman was BGEN Sławomir Dudczak, Chief of Department Aeromobile and Motorized Forces, Polish Armed Forces General Command, Warsaw. He supervised the plenary where participants make decisions on issues important to the Headquarters. 

Each proposal, in order to enter into force, must be approved by all participants of the meeting.

The plenary was the fourth in the history of the Headquarters, and the second one organized under restrictions related to COVID – 19. Due to restrictions, the plenary was conducted with some participants participating on site while others participated through a video conference.



Multinational Division North East
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