Multinational Division North East

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20 October 2020
Civil Affairs team came to Elbląg
Command Team from 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion led by U.S. Army LTC Brian Krieck visited Multinational Division North East.

Elbląg, Poland - Multinational Division North East Headquarters hosted representatives from the 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion participating in a meeting with MND-NE Civil-Military Co-operation cell.

“This meeting helped strengthen the bonds and lines of communication between our teams. I look forward to further cooperation in the future.” said Polish Army LTC Karol Heldt, G9, MND-NE.

This meeting was an important in laying the ground work for further cooperation between MND-NE and the 432nd Civil Affairs team as we prepare for upcoming trainings. Finally, the meeting provided an opportunity for the participants to exchange information and best practices and to discuss potential platforms for deeper cooperation and mutual support.

NATO’s Headquarters, Multinational Division North East is comprised of soldiers from 16 NATO nations with the mission to coordinate activities of Poland’s 15th Mechanized Brigade and Lithuanian’s Iron Wolf Brigade along with the enhanced Forward Presence Battle Groups deployed in Lithuania and Poland. These tasks consist of the coordination of training and increasing situational awareness in the region.


Multinational Division North East
Podchorążych 1
82-300 Elbląg
tel. 261312382

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