Multinational Division North East

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05 July 2019
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Representatives of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Turkey (NRDC-T) came to Elbląg, where they met with the soldiers of the Multinational Division North-East (MND-NE).

On Friday, July 5, the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Turkey delegation visited the Multinational Division North-East Headquarters, headed by Colonel Mehmet GILIMORTMEZ. Commander of the division, MGen Krzysztof Motacki welcomed guests.

Representatives of the Turkish corps arrived at the MND-NE as part of the preparations of the NRDC-T to take command of the VJTF-21 (Very High Readiness Join Task Force) in 2021.

Less than a month ago, for the purposes of the Exercise DRAGON-19, the Command of the Multinational Division moved to the designated area Tactical Operations Center which acted as a higher level superior for the 21 Brigade of Podhale Riflemen (21 BSP), which underwent the certification process under the VJTF-20.

As part of the meeting with representatives of the NRDC-T, MND-NE soldiers presented new solutions and procedures implemented by HQ, which can be an excellent basis for the implementation of tasks under NATO's rapid reaction forces.

MND-NE is a multinational unit which, in December 2018, as part of the Polish National Exercise ANAKONDA-18, became fully operational and demonstrated its ability of providing command and control over NATO land forces up to a divisional level for ART. 5 North Atlantic Treaty operations.


NATO Rapid Deployable Corps- Turkey (NRDC-T) as a NATO Rapidly Deployable Corps is responsible to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR). NRDC-T, as a High Readiness Force (LAND) HQ, is to be trained and prepared at high level of readiness to deploy, on NATO orders, to an area of operation designated by SACEUR to conduct Combined and Joint operations:

As a Corps HQ

As a Land Component Command HQ

As a NATO Force Structure Joint HQs to command Small Joint Operations (SJO) Land

As an HQ being capable to support a NCS JHQ in command of Major Joint Operation (MJO), or to augment ongoing operations.


Multinational Division North East
Podchorążych 1
82-300 Elbląg
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