Multinational Division North East

czcionka większa czcionka normalna czcionka mniejsza
24 June 2019
Field training is an integral part of a soldier's life. For many days, deployed to the Land Forces Training Center in Drawsko Pomorskie, the Tactical Operational Center of Multinational Division North East (MND-NE) performed its tasks in a field environment.

Life for MND-NE in the field would be extremely difficult without the support provided by the soldiers of the Command Support Regiment of the MND-NE (CSReg) and the division’s Real Life Support Group (RLS). They provided life support and morale and welfare events for MND-NE while performing tasks within the framework of Exercise DRAGON-19.

"Preparations for soldiers’ deployment to the exercise area and providing security for them while they are there" in the field "in accordance with regulations is a something that requires many months to coordinate; especially the many logistic aspects related primarily to Host Nation Support." - said 1st LT Adrian Frydrych, HQ Support Coordination Section Officer, from the divisional RLS Group.

It was the logistic unit of the CSReg from Elbląg, which had the most tasks in this area, came to the training area a week before the main forces arrived to prepare the camp, which for many days became the second home for MND-NE troops. In order to ensure adequate living conditions and meet mission requirements, they also employed contracted services with external entities often referred to as "Outsourcing".

As the Tactical Operational Center performs its tasks related to the current stage of Exercise DRAGON-19, which is the Command Post Exercise (CPX), the logistic units supporting MND-NE do not have a moment of relief.
Starting early dawn, the chefs are preparing breakfast, and once they served the first meal, they clean up and prepare for the next meal ahead. While the kitchen staff is occupied with cooking, the rest of the logistics unit carries out a number of tasks making sure that all communications equipment is still operational, the generators humm and the vehicels are refuelled.

"The soldiers are well prepared to perform their tasks, they are professionals" - said Maj. Marek Pawul, Logistic Section Officer- "we only have to deal with nature, which does not spare us high temperatures, wind or ticks. So far we are leading by a score of 1: 0, " Pawul said with pride.

Challenging daily work activities and the demanding nature of millitary service make it important to provide soldiers with the right conditions for rest and recuperation. To provide a break for soldiers during the exercise, a gym, volleyball court and "Morale and Welfare" (MWR) tent equipped with appropriate kitchen equipment, television and Internet stations were prepared inside the camp. In addition, on days not fully spent with work, the MND-NE Morale and Wellfare Branch provided various freetime activties, during which soldiers had the opportunity to get to know each other better, improve teamwork, visit sites of major strategic importance from the World War II era and learn about history.

"While planning the so-called "Free time activities" we had two priorities: building team spirit and learning about the history of the country in which we serve. Learning about the military history of Poland is, in my opinion necessary for both our own Polish soldiers and our colleagues from abroad, who have the opportunity to serve in our unit. "- says Cpt. Łukasz WAŚKO an Morale & Welfare officer from MND-NE.

The knowledge and skills acquired during Exercise DRAGON-19 will be a solid foundation for further cooperation between the Division Headquarters and its subordinate units. Experience is the best teacher. As the motto of the Division "Facta non verba" (Actions not words) - we are ready to take action and with such great support we will meet all challenges ahead.

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