Multinational Division North East

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22 June 2019
With the start of the Command Post Exercise, the next stage of Exercise DRAGON-19 has begun. After a train-up period, soldiers of Multinational Division North-East (MND-NE) are now active participants in DRAGON-19.

Starting June 21, they act as the higher headquarters for the 21st Podhale Rifles Brigade (21st PRBde) which is undergoing certification to overtake the role of  Very High Readiness Join Task Force 2020  (VJTF-20). During the CPX, 21st PRBde soldiers will carry out tasks as part of a defense operation.

MND-NE is a multinational unit which, in December 2018, as part of the Polish National Exercise ANAKONDA-18, became fully operational and demonstrated its ability of providing command and control over NATO land forces up to a divisional level for ART. 5 Northatlantic Threaty operations.

MND-NE’s knowledge and experience, will allow for a smooth preparation of the 21st PRBde to carry out tasks under NATO's rapid reaction forces.

Participation in Exercise DRAGON-19  for MND-NE is also an excellent opportunity to further improve the skills acquired during the 2 years of the unit's existence. Another  important aspect of the exercise is  the opportunity for cooperation with subordinate units from  various countries of the Alliance. Acting as a higher headquarters will also allow MND-NE to check over it’s tactics, techniques and procedures,  as well as test its  communication systems in combat conditions.

For the duration of Exercise DRAGON-19, MND-NE headquarters moved its Tactical Operations Center to a designated area, with the help of the Command Support Regiment. MND-NE not only supports 21st PRBde in their VJTF-20 certification, but also fine-tunes its own deployability and interoperability skills during the exercise.

As the motto of the MND-NE "Facta non verba" (Facts not words); – The Division is living proof that the right decision was made during the  NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016, as MND-NE is now a vital part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence, which strengthens the eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance.


Multinational Division North East
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