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14 June 2019
DRAGON – 19 exercise has begun
General Commander of the Polish Armed Forces LGEN Jarosław Mika officially started tactical exercise DRAGON – 19.

The tactical exercise launched on 13 June - the DRAGON – 19 is the largest exercise organized by Poland this year. About 18,000 soldiers and about 2,500 units of military equipment and armament will take part in it. Soldiers from 12 countries will be trained side by side with Poles. Among them are soldiers from the Multinational Division North East Headquarters (MND-NE) and the MND-NE Command Support Regiment. During the exercise they will create High Command (HICON) in course of certification of VJTF-20 Brigade Headquarters (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force) which is a part of the NATO 2020 Response Forces. The main unit of the VJTF-20 is the 21st Mountain Brigade.


The creation of the Multinational Division North East Headquarters is a consequence of the decisions taken at the NATO Summit in Warsaw in July 2016. At that time representatives of the NATO member states decided to strengthen NATO's eastern flank. Initial Capability Headquarters reached at the end of June 2017, Full Capability - December 6, 2018.

The motto of the MND-NE soldiers is the Latin phrase "Facta non verba" - deeds not words.

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