Multinational Division North East

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13 May 2019
Unit anniversary celebration
Multinational Division North East Command Support Regiment celebrates its first anniversary.

May 10 was an exceptional day for soldiers and employees of the MND-NE Command Support Regiment. At 11.00 Deputy Commander reported the Commander of the Regiment on the readiness of soldiers to the formation. The ceremony, which took place at the drill ground of the unit, was an opportunity to hand over medals awarded by the Minister of National Defense and the badges of the honorary title "Zasłużony Żołnierz RP". The delegation of the division headquarters with its commander, MGen Krzysztof Motacki as a head, also took part in commemoration. The ceremony finished with soldiers’ parade.

Another element of the celebrations was the VIII edition of the Uniformed Services Picnic, which took place in the Specialist Training Center. This year, attractions in the form of static displays of equipment, dynamic shows - both equipment and training, await for residents of Elbląg and its surroundings. The stage was performed by the Military Orchestra from Elbląg, the show of drill parade of the Maritime Department of Border Guard Orchestra from Gdańsk, artists from Primary School No.19, judokas from OLIMPIA Club and as the culmination - performance of the KATARYNKA Theater.

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