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19 April 2019
Czech senators visited Elbląg
Representatives of the Senate of the Czech Republic came to Elbląg, where they met with the soldiers of the Multinational Division North-East (MND-NE).

Elbląg, Poland - on Thursday, the 18 of April, the delegation of the Senate of the Czech Republic visited the Multinational Division North East Headquarters, headed by the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security, Senator Pavel Fischer. During the visit he was accompanied by senators: Jan Sobotka, Jaroslav Zeman and Tomáš Czernin. The Division Commander, MGen Krzysztof Motacki welcomed arrived guests.

During the visit, senators were familiarized with the structure and tasks of the Headquarters. Command Support Regiment of the MND-NE was the next point of the stay. Senate representatives had the opportunity to see the Command Post of MND-NE there and command vehicles built on the KTO Rosomak chassis. The visit was also an opportunity to meet with Czech soldiers serving in the MND-NE.

Attached photo gallery: Czech senators visited Elbląg

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