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czcionka większa czcionka normalna czcionka mniejsza
16 April 2019
Soldiers of the Multinational Division North East Headquarters (MND-NE) met in occasion of upcoming Easter.

Elbląg, Poland - on Monday, the 15th of March, at the Club of the Multinational Division North East Command Support Regiment (MND-NE CSR), Easter meeting took place. At Easter table, soldiers of the MND-NE HQ, MND-NE CSR and civilian employees have met. Commander of the MND-NE, MGEN Krzysztof Motacki welcomed all guests.

In his speech General Motacki reminded about soldiers, which in this special time don’t have possibility to meet with their families - speaking and thinking about Easter we can’t forget about friends, who will spend this time away from their families. I mean whole NATO enhanced Forward Presence as well as all soldiers who perform their duties away from their relatives as part of their other tasks. Moreover, the Commander made his best wishes to all guests - I would like you to pass greetings from all of us to your families after coming back home. For you, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to wish a nice weather and joyful family atmosphere during Easter … - said general. The meeting finished with a blessing of dishes which were waiting on tables. Priest Maj. Sebastian Piekarski led the liturgical part of the meeting.

On Friday, 12th of April, garrison Easter meeting took place, in which His Excellency Bishop Jacek Jezierski, representatives of self-government authorities, commanders of military units and military institutions of Elbląg Garrison, commandants of uniformed services of the Garrison, representatives of institutions and associations as well as friends and supporters, took part. Representatives of the MND-NE also participated in the meeting.

Photos: Archive of the MND-NE CSR and MND-NE

Attached photo gallery: Easter meeting in the Multinational Division North East Headquarters

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