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20 March 2019
Meeting with soldiers of the Mission Command Element
Representatives of the Multinational Division North East observed the Mission Command Element training - the division level unit of the U.S. Army Europe stationed in Poznań.

Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland - Lt.Col. Michal Kuraczyk, with the group of the Multinational Division North East Headquarters (MND-NE) representatives, visited the Mission Command Element (MCE) as the headquarters conducts a field training exercise in Drawsko Pomorskie. During the visit, MND-NE soldiers had, among other things, the opportunity to familiarize with the organization of the command post. They also talked about cooperation between the multinational division and US soldiers stationed in Poznań, Poland.


More than 100 American soldiers and several dozen vehicles different types stationing in Poznań. This command is an indirect element of command of more than 5,000 representatives of the US armed forces conducting bilateral training operations and multinational exercises in this part of Europe.

The presence of MCE in Poznan strengthens the ability to cooperate with the armed forces of the USA and Poland and other allies in order to provide a swift and efficient response to all hostile actions against Poland and other allies in the region. The Polish Armed Forces closely cooperate with this American command in Poland. A wide cooperation is being implemented as part of the command structures, including the Multinational Division North East in Elbląg.

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