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14 December 2018
Christmas Meeting in Multinational Division North East
Multinational Division North East (MND-NE) soldiers gathered at Christmas Meeting.

Elbląg, Poland - We met in the same place last year. I have said then that 2018 is going to be difficult for us. And it was. But during that time we have achieved a lot - said Multinational Division North East Commander Maj. Gen. Krzysztof Motacki during the meeting that took place on 14th December in the MND-NE Command Support Regiment Military Club. The meeting was attended by soldiers of the Division Headquarters and soldiers and civilian employees of the Command Support Regiment. The liturgical part was led by the parish priest of the Military Parish in Elbląg, Chaplain Maj. PhD Sebastian Piekarski.

- Now is the time to relax, to meet and spend time with families and friends. During that, do not forget that we are a part of NATO and a part of the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) (...) Do not forget about our friends serving in Battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Ladies and Gentlemen - Merry Christmas - added General Motacki. Before the Christmas dinner, the chaplain blessed guests, and then the participants of the meeting shared the wafer Christmas Eve and wishes.

The meeting was preceded by the Garrison Elbląg Christmas Eve, which took place in the same place the day before. Its organizers were the MND-NE Commander Maj. Gen. Krzysztof Motacki and Elbląg Garrison Commander Col. Krzysztof Klin. Local authorities, former commanders of the 16th Mechanised Division, non-governmental organizations’ representatives, veterans altogether with Elbląg units’ commanders and uniformed institutions’ heads participated in the meeting. Liturgical part of ceremony was delivered by Elbląg’s Bishop Jacek Jezierski.

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