Multinational Division North East

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11 December 2018
Romanian Great Union Day
Soldiers of the Multinational Division North East (MND-NE) Headquarters celebrated the Romanian Great Union Day.

The Romanian Great Union Day is celebrated on the 1st December, but at that time the soldiers of the Multinational Division North East (MND-NE) took part in the exercise Anakonda 18. They also were subject to assessment by an international certification team.

On the 11th December, soldiers of the MND-NE Headquarters gathered to commemorate the unification of all Romanian lands. The military assembly began with the playing of the national anthem of Romania. After that Lt. Col. Gabriel Munteanu presented a short history about establishment of the Romanian Great Union Day. On this special day, the Division Commander Maj. Gen. Krzysztof Motacki shared his best wishes to colleagues from Romania.




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