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07 December 2018
We achieved Full Capability!
The soldiers of the Multinational Division North East (MND-NE) achieved Full Capability.

Elbląg, Poland – Multinational Division North East has celebrated the accomplishment of its Full Capability in a ceremony and Distinguished Visitors Day on the 6th December, 2018.

The unit accomplished Full Capability through a series of evaluation events, the last of which took place during the Command Post Exercise phase of the Polish national Exercise Anakonda 18. During this last phase, MND-NE ran 24-hour operations from a Field Command Post, commanding several brigades on the digital battlefield.

6th December will stay in the memory of Maj. Gen. Krzysztof Motacki, MND-NE Commander and Brig. Gen. Piotr Malinowski, Chief of Staff. On that day, at the parade ground in the MND-NE Command Support Regiment, the ceremonial ending of the Exercise Anakonda 18 and certification of the Multinational Division North East Headquarters was held. The ceremony was attended by, among others, the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej DUDA, the Polish Minister of National Defense, Mr. Mariusz Błaszczak, representatives of the diplomatic corps, as well as military commanders from Poland and NATO structures. On this day, the commander of Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) John C. Thomson III, who was also the head of the certification commission, signed the certification protocol, and also announced its result – MULTINATIONAL DIVISION NORTH EAST IS COMBAT READY.

The President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda, congratulated the unit and commended them on a job well done - The excellent certification score obtained confirms not only your hard work and organizational skills, but also shows great commitment and is certainly a source of great satisfaction - said the President.

The Polish Minister of National Defense, Mr. Mariusz Błaszczak, praised MND-NE for CREVAL (Combat Readiness Evaluation) and he said - We can have a common satisfaction that the resolutions of the NATO Warsaw Summit 2016 are being implemented, that today the certified Multinational Division North East has started its operation. I congratulate the Division Commander, Division Chief of Staff, I congratulate all commanders, soldiers. They proved their efficiency, their military knowledge, their commitment to being a very important pillar of security on the eastern flank of NATO.

During the ceremony in Elbląg, the Division Commander and Chief of Staff were promoted to their current ranks.


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