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czcionka większa czcionka normalna czcionka mniejsza
26 October 2018
Preparations for "Anakonda-18" are still going on
The Commander of the Multinational Corps Northeast participated in the preparations of the Multinational Division North East for the Anakonda-18 exercise.

The soldiers of the Multinational Division North East Headquarters (MND - NE) are constantly preparing for certification, which the last phase is going to take place at the beginning of December this year during the Anakonda 18 exercise. During the preparations, they train themselves in organizational branches, and also improve their procedures and knowledge by taking part in exercises and training in Poland and abroad. They also train soldiers from units that during the exercise will be in subordination to the division commanded by Brig. Gen. Krzysztof Motacki.

Last week was a period of extraordinary hard work for the division soldiers. Between 22nd and 25th October in the barracks at Łęczycka Street and in the Command Support Regiment at Królewiecka Street in Elbląg, several dozen soldiers from various commands and units, both Polish and foreign, were staying. In these days, some different projects were carried out at the Headquarters in preparation for the
Anakonda-18 exercise. These were, among others, the training of soldiers who during the Anakonda will be in the LOCON - Low Command team, as well as training in the ability to use programs that will be used in the workplace during the exercise.

The main event of this week was the synchronization (CAR - Combined Arms Rehersal), which took place on October 25th. Its aim was to coordinate the actions of elements that during the exercise will be subordinated to the Commander of the Multinational Division. The Commander of the Multinational Corps Northeast Lt. Gen. Sławomir Wojciechowski along with a group of officers from the Corps HQ, Commander of the 7th Mechanized Brigade from Czech Lt. Col. Zdenek Mikula, Deputy Commander of the 15th Giżycka Mechanized Brigade, Col. Bogdan Rycerski, Chief of Staff of the Lithuanian Brigade, "Iron Wolf" Lt. Col. Aurelijus Motiejunas, Commander of the 11th Mazurian Artillery Regiment, Col. Robert Matysek, as well as representatives of other units participating in the exercise, also took part in the synchronization.


Exercise Anakonda-18 (AN-18) will be the largest exercise of the Polish Armed Forces in 2018 organized by Poland. It will be a test of the ability to cooperation of key command bodies of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland with the non-military system and selected elements of the NATO command structures. The Minister of National Defense performs the role of a person programming and commissioning the preparation and conduct of the exercise. The Head of the Exercise will be the Commander of the Armed Forces Operational Command. Soldiers from 10 countries of the Alliance as well as command structures and NATO forces will participate in AN-18. At the territory of the Republic of Poland will train about 12,500 soldiers, and nearly 5,000 soldiers in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and the Baltic Sea. AN-18 will be conducted on training ground in Poland, in international airspace and in the Baltic Sea. For the first time in history, the exercise will be conducted in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

The main phase of the exercise was divided into two stages: (LIVEX) exercise with troops on 7th-16th November 2018 and (CPX) computer-assisted commander-staff exercise conducted from 26th November to 6th December, 2018. It will be preceded by a studio exercise (TTX), during which the most important NATO commanders and the Polish Armed Forces will review the procedures of transferring responsibility for conducting operations in a national, coalition and allied system.

An important element of the exercise will be the verification by the International Certification Team of the ability of the Multinational Division North East (MND-NE) to act according to the Allied Combat Readiness Assessment Standards (CREVAL).


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