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czcionka większa czcionka normalna czcionka mniejsza
11 October 2018
National Day of Spain
The soldiers of the Multinational Division North East celebrated the National Day of Spain commemorating the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

On Thursday, 11th October, soldiers of the Multinational Division North East gathered for an assembly to celebrate National Day of Spain. The event was also attended by dozens of inspectors from Allied Land Command, the Multinational Corps Northeast, the Multinational Division South – East, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Turkey, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Spain and Operational Command of Armed Forces who are currently checking the personnel, equipment and preparation of individual functional cells of division Headquarters to carry out activities under the first phase of certification.

The assembly was started by playing the national anthem of Spain. Then the genesis of the holiday was presented by Lt. Col. Eugenio Trigueros. During his speech, he thanked the gathered for their participation in the ceremony: the Spanish personnel is very honoured to celebrate, along with our NATO´s allies, all these events, which have shaped Spain as a firm European country with very deep transatlantic links.

On this special day, the Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Krzysztof Motacki gave our Spanish friends best wishes.

Photos:  Lt. Col. David Olson (LANDCOM), Capt. Paulina Montewka




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