Multinational Division North East

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04 July 2018
The double celebrations in Elbląg
Wednesday (4th July) was a special day for the soldiers of the Multinational Division North East.

Elbląg, Poland - on Wednesday morning, the soldiers of the Multinational Division North East gathered to commemorate two special occasions - Canada Day and US Independence Day. The historical conditions of these holidays were brought closer to the attention by Maj. Bryan Flemming and Col. Henry Dixon. On this occasion Division Commander Brig. Gen. Krzysztof Motacki gave his best wishes to Canadian and American soldiers.

This special day was also an opportunity to promote Capt. Mathew Molsberry to the rank of major. He was also awarded the Canadian Medal for Service. The promotion and decoration was given by Regional Commander of Canadian Elements in Northeastern Europe, Col. Walter Taylor who was visiting the Division Headquarters.

We wish all the best to our Canadian and American colleagues, and we wish many successes in the future position to Maj. Molsberry.




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