Multinational Division North East

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28 June 2018
Certification has started
Soldiers of the Multinational Division North East Headquarters doesn't slow down. In the middle of June, certification of Division Headquarters has begun.

May and June, for soldiers of the Multinational Division North East  (MND-NE), is time for an intensification of their effort. Lately, the exercise “Saber Strike – 18” finished. It included CPX – Command Post Exercise, as well as FTX – Field Training Exercise.  For the first time, soldiers of the MND-NE HQ took part in it, and were the main trainees during CPX. Altogether, in Elbląg, over half thousand soldiers, from over dozen European countries, Canada and the United States, have exercised. CPX finished at 8th June, but soldiers of the division headquarters hadn’t time for a rest.

At the end of the year, during the "Anaconda - 18" exercise, MND-NE soldiers are going to be assessed during certification. However, certification consists of a few phases, and participation in the exercise is its last element. In the middle of the month, just after Saber Strike-18 has finished, Crisis Response Planning for the “Anakonda - 18” has begun.  This process is evaluated by soldiers of the Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) and will have an impact for the final mark. Planning will finish on Friday, 29th June.

At the beginning of the October, first stage of the certification will occur, during which MND-NE soldiers’ preparation and equipment will be examined. Later, during the “Anakonda” exercise, the second stage of the certification will be evaluation of capability to command multinational division in high intensity conflict.



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