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17 May 2018
Multinational Corps Northeast Commander visited Elbląg
In the Multinational Division North East preparations for the "Saber Strike-18" exercise are under way. On Wednesday, they were attended by the Commander of the Multinational Corps Northeast.

Soldiers of the Multinational Division North East (MND-NE) are preparing for the upcoming certification which will take place at the end of this year. One of the stages of preparation was, finished in April, Battle Staff Training "Amber Bridge-18". The next stage is participation in the exercise "Saber Strike-18", which will start at the end of May. This one will be the most important exercise to date, in which Division Headquarters soldiers will take part.

As part of the preparations for the exercise, on 15-16 May, in the MND-NE Command Support Regiment there was a Combined Arms Rehearsal (CAR) aimed at coordinating the actions of the elements that during the exercise will be subordinated to the Commander of the Multinational Division. In addition to the soldiers of the Division Headquarters, in the CAR took part the representatives of the Multinational Corps Northeast, Commander of the 7th Mechanized Brigade from Czech Colonel Jiři David, Deputy Commander of the Polish 15th Giżycka Mechanized Brigade, Colonel Bogdan Rycerski, Chief of Staff of the Lithuanian Brigade "Iron Wolf" Lt. Col. Aurelijus Motiejunas, Commander of the Polish 11th Mazurian Artillery Regiment Colonel Robert Matysek, as well as representatives of other units involved in the exercise, including the American 1st Infantry Division. On Wednesday, 16th May, the activities of soldiers participating in the CAR were observed by the Commander of the Multinational Corps Northeast Lt. Gen. Manfred Hofmann, accompanied by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Brig. Gen. John E. Novalis II.

"Saber Strike-18" is a periodic exercise organized and conducted by the US Army Europe. This year, over 10,000 soldiers from 22 training countries will take part in the exercise in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Among them, important role will be played by the battlegroups, which, as part of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence, are stationed on the eastern flank of the Alliance and the Multinational Division North East stationed in Elbląg.



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