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23 March 2018
Garrison Easter Meeting in Elbląg
Easter meeting of the uniformed services was held in Elbląg garrison.

On March 23, at the Club of the Command Support Regiment of the Multinational Division North East in Elbląg, officers of the uniformed services of Elbląg Garrison and invited guests met at the Easter table.

The Commander of Multinational Division North East Brig. Gen. Krzysztof Motacki and Elbląg Garrison Commander Col. Krzysztof Klin jointly hosted the celebration. The meeting was participated by Deputy Governor of Warmia – Mazury, Sławomir Sadowski local authorities, non-governmental organizations’ representatives, former Commanders of the 16th Mechanized Division, veterans altogether with Elbląg units’ commanders and uniformed institutions’ heads.

The Commander of the Multinational Division North East made all the best wishes for the upcoming Easter. - Easter, the most important Christian holiday, suffering, suffering, torment but also resurrection and resurrection means hope, I would like to wish you that hope will accompanied us all not only during the holiday, but also throughout your whole life - as he said.

The meeting ended with the blessing of dishes waiting on the tables. Then, according to the tradition of Easter meetings, the participants shared their "ovum" by making Christmas wishes. Liturgical part of ceremony was delivered by Elblag’s Bishop Jacek Jezierski.

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