Multinational Division North East

czcionka większa czcionka normalna czcionka mniejsza
22 February 2018
LANDCOM soldiers in Elbląg
Multinational Division North East Headquarters CREVAL Initial Coordination Meeting was completed in Elbląg.

Elbląg, Poland - the Multinational Division North East Headquarters (MND-NE HQ) achieved  Initial Capability at the end of June 2017. Currently, the HQ soldiers are preparing for the certification exercise that awaits them, which is going to take place during the Anakonda - 18 exercise. Certification will be carried out in accordance with Combat Readiness Evaluation Programme. Preparations for certification are carried out in multiple ways. They include, among others, participation of division soldiers in trainings and exercises conducted at the division level, as well as participation in multinational exercises. One of the elements carried out during the preparations was the CREVAL Initial Coordination Meeting provided by Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) officers from Izmir in Turkey. LANDCOM is a command that will evaluate soldiers of the Multinational Division during certification.

A group of officers from Izmir, together with representatives of the General Command and the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces, as well as the Multinational Corps North East Headquarters, stayed in Elbląg from 20th to 22nd February. During the visit, the soldiers of LANDCOM were familiarised with the level of preparation of the Multinational Division Headquarters to the test waiting for that. As the Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Krzysztof Motacki said - it was a very valuable visit, which enabled, among others, making further arrangements regarding the time and tasks that we still have to implement as part of the preparations to achieve Full Capability.



Multinational Division North East
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