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04 February 2022
The first "Amber Bridge" in 2022
Battle Staff Training come to an end in the Multinational Division North East Headquarters. Representatives of commands and brigades from the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland also participated in this exercise.

The “Amber Bridge 21-3/2” Battle Staff Training has concluded on Friday, the 4th of February. This exercise was another opportunity for the soldiers of the multinational headquarters to improve their skills in planning and conducting combat operations. This time, as in previous years, representatives from units affiliated to the Elbląg based command also took part in the exercise. The Lithuanian "Iron Wolf" Brigade, and the Polish 15th Mechanized Brigade, as well as the 7th Dukelska Mechanized Brigade from the Czech Republic, trained together with soldiers of the division headquarters. Soldiers from the Lithuanian Land Force Command and observers from the Multinational Division North, also participated in the training. Ambassadors and military attachés of several NATO members visited soldiers on the 3rd of February. They were familiarised with the structure and tasks of the division command during their visit. They had also an opportunity to see soldiers working at the Field Command Post as well as the equipment of the MND-NE Command Support Regiment. The visit was also a great opportunity for our guests to meet with their compatriots serving in the Elbląg command.

Exercise “Amber Bridge” has started a series of staff training and exercises in which soldiers of the headquarters will take part this year. Multinational exercises and training facilitate mutual understanding and cooperation among soldiers from many different countries. It strengthen ties, enable the exchange of experiences, and ensures an efficient operating of the headquarters within the NATO chain of command.

Attached photo gallery: The first "Amber Bridge" in 2022

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