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29 October 2021
The biggest NATO exercise this year
For 11 days, across several European locations, some 5000 participants representing 26 NATO and two partner countries (Finland and Sweden) participated in Steadfast Jupiter 21, NATO’s largest computer-assisted command post exercise of 2021. Among participants were also soldiers of the Multinational Division North East.

STAVANGER, Norway – Steadfast Jupiter 21, the largest computer-assisted command post exercise of 2021, concluded. For 11 days soldiers from 26 NATO and two partner countries trained their skills across many places in the Europe.

Commander Joint Warfare Center (JWC) in Stavanger (Norway) and the Exercise Director, POL Army MGEN Piotr Malinowski, remarked on the uniqueness and complexity of the exercise. “Steadfast Jupiter 21 is NATO’s largest and most challenging command post exercise this year. The focus of the operational activities during the exercise will be in the deterrence phase. It is an honour and a privilege for me to direct an exercise with such complexity” – he said.

Among soldiers who took part in the exercise were also Multinational Division North East (MND-NE) Headquarters’ representatives. They exercised in the Exercise Command formed MND-NE part of the Land Component Command East Response Cell and exercised in JWC and Multinational Corps Northeast in Szczecin, Poland.

As the Head of the MND-NE soldiers, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations, US Army COL Cedric Carrington, said – “Operating as one of the Exercise Control Response Cells was an exceptional opportunity for the MND-NE team to hone its skills across several combat functions. Our participation in Steadfast Jupiter 21 also strengthened rapport with our adjacent units". 

“We look forward to participating in future exercises that include NATO and host nation forces, as it helps MND-NE, NATO and host nations increase interoperability” – COL Carrington added. 


Steadfast Jupiter 21 was the largest computer-assisted command post exercise of 2021. Sponsored by Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (Mons, Belgium) and directed by the Joint Warfare Centre, exercise Steadfast Jupiter 21 was designed to train and evaluate the NATO Response Force 2022 (NRF22) under the lead of Allied Joint Force Command (Brunssum, the Netherlands). The 11-day event series was also designed to evaluate Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast. Reinforced by subordinate units, the Corps Headquarters proved its continued capability to act as the only Regional Land Component Command in the NATO Force Structure.


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