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01 October 2021
„Amber Precision 21”
Exercise "Amber Precision 21" has ended at the Multinational Division North East Headquarters. Representatives of brigades from the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland participated in the exercise.

Elbląg, Poland - Exercise „ Amber Precision 21” was divided into two parts - a series of lectures and a tactical part. In the second, tactical part, unit commanders played the same role, solving tactical problems based on previously prepared scenarios. At this part, there was also time for a discussion leading to a full understanding of the intentions of the division commander, and subsequently apply efficient Mission Command.

The exercise was another exercise carried out this year. This time, representatives of brigades from the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland, the Polish Academy of War Art and the Polish 16th Pomeranian Mechanized Division came to Elbląg.

Among the gathered there were the commander of the 15th Mechanized Brigade, Polish Army BGEN Bogdan Rycerski, commander of the "Iron Wolf" Brigade, Lithuanian Army COL Mindaugas Petkevicius, deputy commander of the 7th Dukelská Mechanized Brigade, Czech Army COL Petr Blecha and commander of the enhanced Forward Presence battle group in Poland, U.S. Army LTC. Craig C. Broyles.

The 15th Brigade and the "Iron Wolf" Brigade were affiliated to MND-NE on January 29, 2020. The division Headquarters has been cooperating with the 7th brigade since 2017.

"Amber Precision 21" was another exercise preparing the soldiers of the Headquarters for the challenges that await them later this year. Already in the second half of October, they will take part in the exercise “Steadfast Jupiter 21”. Then they will operate in the Multinational Corps Northeast in Szczecin (Poland) and the Joint Warfare Center in Stavanger (Norway). In November they will train during "Amber Bridge 21 - 3" Battle Staff Training in Poland and "Amber Desire 21 - 2" exercise in Lithuania.

According to the Commander of the Multinational Division North East, Polish Army MGEN Krzysztof Motacki - "The autumn period - does not release from the obligation to service the counters of the division and affiliated units".



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