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30 September 2021
The Czech Lion 21 is over
At the Military Training Area in Libavá (the Czech Republic), the Czech Lion 21 ended last week. During the exercise, the soldiers of the NATO Multinational Division North East (MND-NE) supported their Czech colleagues.

Libavá, the Czech Republic - Czech Lion 21 was conducted at the Military Training Area in Libavá and the Army Simulation Centre in Brno from 16 until 24 September. During the exercise, MND-NE Headquarters provided Subject Matter Experts who had a chance to exchange experience and ideas with their counterparts from the Czech Land Forces Command and the 7th Dukelská Mechanized Brigade.

"Cooperation between allies from MND-NE Headquarters, Czech Land Forces Command and 7th Czech Mechanized Brigade is crucial" agreed the Commander of Czech Land Forces Command, MGEN Ladislav Jung and Czech Army BGEN Pavel Lipka, Deputy MND-NE Commander, who would like gradually, continue with the cooperation.

The Czech Lion 21 was the biggest military exercise of the Czech Land Forces this year. About 1,200 soldiers and 250 vehicles took part in it. The training was primarily to test the ability of new commanders and staffs to command subordinate units of the combat group.


The 7th Dukelská Mechanized Brigade from the Czech Republic is one of the military units cooperated with, apart from the "Iron Wolf" Brigade (Lithuania) and the 15th Giżycka Mechanized Brigade (Poland) affiliated to the MND-NE, the Division Headquarters from the very beginning of its existence. The 7th Brigade was in the training structures of the division during exercises such as Saber Strike 2018 or Anakonda 2018. Division Headquarters soldiers also support their colleagues during exercises carried out by the Czech Armed Forces. Last year it was Decisive Vision 20, this year – Czech Lion 21.

Photos: MAJ Ladislav Kabát, CPT Karel Hausmajer



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